Introduction: Dueling Dragons

Hello – We are the 4-H PT STEM Club Team #7800: Dueling Dragons

A 2014-2015 FLL Robotics Team


Standing left to right: Ella, Olivia, Nathaniel

Sitting left to right: Logan, Jack, Max

Why are we the Dueling Dragons?

Our Team is named the Dueling Dragons because of an old Quileute Indian legend.

According to the Quileute’s there once lived two dragons. One dragon lived in Sol Duc Valley, and the other dragon lived in nearby Elwha Valley. One day the two dragons met and proceeded to fight over land which is now Olympic National Park. S they fought, they made the earth shake, fires rage, wave’s crash and wind roar. The two dragons fought on and on but they were an equal match so neither could win. Finally they crawled back into their caves and wept bitter hot tears. The Tears are now the Sol Duc Hot Springs that visitors still enjoy today.

Our FLL team was born in the year of Nature’s Fury, and now, our legend too lives on…